Sunday, November 27, 2005

Digital Inclusion in Scotland

There's been a lot of activity at governmental level, through the Scottish Executive, to address the varied aspects of the 'digital divide'. Policies and measures to increase the availablity of Internet access at home, workplaces and community venues. This will support better e-learning and all the various possibilities of e-government, plus add another option for democratic involvement.

For example, the public library programme 'The Peoples Network' has been connected up our UK libraries and created hundreds of places, open long hours and with trained staff, that function as access points for the genral public to use the Internet. For information about the Peoples Network in Scotland, the Slainte website gives good background.

Now the Scottish Executive has launched a consultation review about Scottish Digital Inclusion policy, both past policies and future directions. Go on, take the opportunity to tell the Executive what is needed to get Scotland's population online (or as many of them as want to be!)..

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