Sunday, December 04, 2005

School Buildings

The BBC story 'Call to ask pupils about design' outlines a suggestion by SchoolWorks, a not-for-profit advisory organisation in England. It calls for mandatory participation of students and teachers in the design of new or refurbished schools, because considering the views of the building’s intended users will result in structures that are better used and more fit-for-purpose.

Sounds sensible. You might have hoped this already happened on a systematic basis, as a requirement for planning permission, but teacher friends tell me they've never been consulted in such situations.

Another charity, the Sorrell Foundation, runs an initiative called 'JoinedUpDesignforSchools'. This also aims to help create better school buildings by involving "the consumers" (also known as children, young people or pupils) in the design process. They have a series of roadshow events to show off what children want in their schools, but sadly the roadshow isnt visiting us up in Scotland. Maybe next year?

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