Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Evaluations and Initiatives

Schools-Business Alliance
Ahead of the publication of the Scottish Executive's NEET (not in education, training, or employment) strategy, Jack McConnell announced a new strategy focusing on disengaged youngsters.
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National Priorities
HMIE has published a Report to SEED on the Delivery of National Priorities.

Improving Scottish Education
HMIE's presentation from the launch of Improving Scottish Education is available.

A Curriculum for Excellence
The Curriculum Review Programme Board has published its Curriculum for Excellence: Progress and Proposals paper. The purposes of the paper are given as: to describe progress and the main findings of the activities so far; to provide a narrative on the direction of travel, outlining recommended features of the curriculum in the future; to outline aspects where more thinking is required; and to stimulate the next stage of professional discussion and reflection, as part of the continuing process of shaping and influencing the curriculum.

Determined to Succeed
The Scottish Executive has recently published an evaluation of the first phase of the Determined to Succeed strategy.

Adult Literacy and Numeracy Strategy
The Scottish Executive has published the final report of the evaluation of the Scottish Adult Literacy and Numeracy Strategy. The report analyses the views of adult learners and the views of tutors in order to assess the impact of participation on individuals' lives and any perceived wider benefits.

What Motivates Adult Learners?
The Scottish Executive has published Looking to Learn: Investigating the Motivations to Learn and the Barriers Faced by Adults Wishing to Undertake Part-Time Study. Click here for the research.

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