Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Media, online services and Young people

Ofcom, the UK regulatory body for the communications industry, conducts very useful research into media consumption and attitudes among the British public.

A BBC news item "Young drive 'radical media shift'" reports on recent research. Young people aged 16 to 24 are turning away from consuming television, radio and newspapers in favour of online services and new media. More time online, and a wide range of applications and services in use.

One implication of this for Education: how much of our own service should we be placing online, and in what forms?

Here in Scotland our Scottish Schools Digital Network will enable us to make much more available in online forms, with collaboration and communication tools to encourage interaction and learning.

Other Ofcom reports look at the Media Literacy of adults and young people, their ability to use the various old and new media to both consume and create.

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