Thursday, October 13, 2005


There's news about the BBC wanting an increase in the Licence fee; they argue it's necessary to pay for things like the transition to Digital TV and their Online services.

I'm torn about this. I'm a heavy and enthusiastic user of their Online services, especially their News and their Learning resources. And their development work for the BBC Digital Curriculum resources, now to be branded as 'BBC Jam', looks exciting. - But I'm also one of the people who comment frequently about the weaknesses of their current TV programming and the lack of "something worth watching".

So what should the Licence payer pay for?
How much should they pay?
Is there a place for advertising or sponsorship on BBC broadcasting?

Lots to think about. Comment on this post if you'd like..


madscientist said...

There should be no licence fee. It is discriminatory. A family can have 6 TV's all watched by different people. A single person is expected to pay the same fee. In fact - if a single person takes a portable TV to another location they have to pay for a second licence.
Most pensioners do not want the Digital TV and other developments yet they have to pay for them anyway.
There should be NO licence fee. If the BBC was good enough they should be able to compete fair and square with the commercial sector. By hanging on to an out-moded funding method they are acknowledging that they are inferior.

rogger said...