Monday, October 24, 2005

foreign languages

Last week the BBC reported that learning foreign languages in English secondary schools was becoming the preserve of girls and the middle class, as boys were difficult to convince of the benefits of speaking another language.

In the same week, the Education Guardian carried a couple of stories about the value of using ICT to add a "buzz" to the teaching and learning of modern languages.
"Languages thrive on a lighter touch" and "Children leap ahead with a crazy frog" describe software games and online resources.

I have the pleasure of working on the 'Modern Foreign Languages Environment' online service, alongside one of the best known Scottish bloggers, Ewan McIntosh, and a team of talented individuals. A crucial reason for the existence of this service is to enhance the teaching of languages, which will in turn encourage more young people to continue their acquisition of language skills further into their school career and beyond.

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