Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Glow and Sharepoint

There has been an interesting discussion about Glow's use of Microsoft's SharePoint technology (SharePoint is the technology behind Glow). Some have argued that SharePoint is not a good platform while others have pointed out the importance of having a stable environment on which to build Glow.

I see both arguments. My limited use of SharePoint doesn't fill me with excitement in the same way that some Web 2 technologies do - but I appreciate that Glow needs to be built on firm foundations (even if they are a little bland).

My real worry about Glow isn't so much the underlying technology but the danger that it becomes a sort of "pretend internet" - with so many restrictions on what young people can do that they can't wait to ditch it the second they walk out the school gates.


John Connell said...

The idea of a 'pretend internet' is not in anyone's thinking around Glow, Bobby. Some of the early-stage bids from companies seeking the contract to build Glow included various kinds of 'walled garden' products - these were dismissed out of hand as going completely against the open philosophy behind Glow.

Sharepoint is only bland in the sense that any empty environment is bland - it is what we make of that environment and the rich landscape we build upon it that matters.

rogger said...