Monday, January 23, 2006

Culture and Creativity in Scotland

Me, I'm a 'Culture Lover', so this made interesting reading. The Scottish Executive has laid out its plans for rejuvenating the cultural sector in Scotland, by publishing its response to last year's final review report from the Cultural Commission.

"Scotland's Culture: Scottish Executive Response on the Cultural Review" expresses the Executive's vision, the roles of national and local authorities, etc. And there are some significant changes in the plans, helpfully highlighted in a news release. Here's a few:

A new cultural development agency 'Creative Scotland' will be formed, by merging two existing public bodies - the Scottish Arts Council and Scottish Screen. Two very different organisations, one in Glasgow one in Edinburgh.

The new body will lose one responsibility, the funding of national performing companies such as Scottish Opera, which will be done directly by the Executive.

The national collections of Scotland will be expanded. If this means better resources for gems such as the excellent Scottish Screen Archive and better use of resources by all, I'll be pleased.

A new system of 'cultural rights' and entitlements for citizens will be introduced. This one is vague at the moment, and local authorities may not welcome a responsibility to provide services to meet local citizens' entitlements (and who decides what they are entitled to? the council or the consumer?) without extra funding.

Education is recognised as important, to support the development of a new generation of creative individuals. That's good news! And it fits with the on-going curriculum renewal process, and the emphasis in 'A Curriculum for Excellence' on young people as effective contributors, successful learners, etc.

Now we just have to make all of this a reality..

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