Thursday, January 19, 2006

Physical Education in Scottish schools

The Scottish Executive Education Department has published statistics about the state and extent of PE in our schools. The report 'Progress towards the recommendations of the Physical Education Review Group' reveals some progress, like a growth in teacher numbers and teacher-trainees, but also weaknesses.

A SEED news release highlights one significant problem. School children are rarely getting enough time actually doing some physical activity in school. (a minimum of two hours per week is the target). A BBC story 'Minister exercised over PE issue' covers this point and the varied responses of the Education authorities to the shortfall in provision.

In many places there isn't much out-of-school hours sport either. And parents can't avoid their responsibilities towards the eating and drinking behaviour of their children, and the lack of exercise they take. Combining a lack of physical activity with a poor diet, it's no wonder that the childhood obesity figures for Scotland are a national disgrace.

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